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Beta Version Angel race sheet by bioweapon797
Beta Version Angel race sheet
This is a Work in progress version. I dont have anything but MS paint on this laptop, so ill update this after i get better tools.
These are a few chants created regarding Characters from the Code Nebula series, based off of the style of the Unlimited Blade Works! chant, i do not own the fate series, nor will i ever, but you can go check it out, its a good series.

without further ado, the chants, if you have any suggestions for future chants, please leave the character name in a comment below, Also i dont own many characters listed here.

I am the mother of my species
Deadly is my body,
and savage is my mind
I have created over a thousand Lilith
Unknown to solitude
nor known to love
I have withstood enormous pain to grasp new freedoms
So, as I Pray

I am the soul of my victories
Power is my body
And will is my blood
I have destroyed over 1000 armies
Unknown to defeat
nor known to peace
I have withstood great pains for the ones I love
and yet these arms should never hold anything
I have no regrets, this is the only path
My whole life has been

I am the Soul of my speakers
Sound is my body,
and the beat is my blood
I have Dj'd over a 1000 concerts
Not knowing my past
nor knowing my family
I have withstood great pain to master Techno
Yet no sounds will ever fill the emptiness
So as I DJ

I am the cause of my existence
Stolen is my blood, and resilient is my heart
I have survived over a 1000 trials
Never once retreating,
Not even once forgetting
I have withstood great suffering to obtain love
and so this heart shall no longer regret anything
So, as i pray

I am the Kentucky of my chicken
Deep fryer is my body and cooking oil is my blood
I have fried over a thousand chickens
Unknown to diets
Nor known to hamburgers
I have withstood lawsuits to feed countless customers
And yet these chefs shall never care for anyone
So as i Fry chicken

We are the swords of our nation
Timeless is our bodies,
And equality is our blood 
We have stood guard over a thousand generations
Never once regretting
Not even once abandoning
We have withstood countless years to safeguard our promise
And yet these sisters will endure far greater
We have no regrets, this is our chosen path

I am the drum of the heavens
Lightening is my body
And thunder is my blood
I have weathered over a thousand storms
Always advancing
Not even once failing my duty
Have withstood great pains to earn the title of king
And yet this king shall never covet anything
So as i serve

I am the soul of my heart
Passion is my body,
And friendship is my blood
I have created over a thousand happy endings
Unknown to selfishness
Not even once focused on personal happiness
I have withstood great pain to ensure many friendships
And yet this heart will never love just one
So as I pray

I am the logic of my soul
Science is my body
And research is my blood
I have created over a thousand inventions
Forever advancing
Not even once giving up
I have withstood pain to invent many devices
and yet this mind shall never be satisfied
So as I Research

I am the indecision of my admin
Mood swings are my body
And tantrums are my blood
I have appeared over a thousand times
Unknown to continuity
Nor known to consistency
I have withstood great pains to make my admin RP me
and yet this character app shall remain unfinished
So as I nag her to finish it

I am the OS of my APP's
Glass is my body,
and data is my blood
I have downloaded over a thousand apps
Unknown to flappy bird
but known to plants VS zombies
I have withstood great pains to update past OS 3.1
And yet this apple software shall never crash me
So as I uninstall siri

I am the derp of my life
Resistant is my body
And nanites are my blood
I have regenerated over a thousand wounds
Unknown to death
Nor known to tact
I have withstood great pains to be acknowledged
And yet these derp comments shall never stop
So as I eye roll

I am the wolf among sheep
My brothers is my body
And acid is my blood
I have eaten over a thousand rocks
Unknown to hygiene
Nor known to proper eating habits
I have withstood much lectures on proper actions
And yet I did not retain any of it
So as i eat this bucket of sand

I am a thief among pilots
Unstable is my body
And vibrations are my blood
I have stolen over a thousand appliances
Unknown to consequences
Nor known to the authorities
I have withstood much pain to earn my place
And yet i am merely a side character
So as i fly the jet

I am a the conscience of my strength
Altered is my body
And dense is my blood
I may die over a thousand times
Unknown to savagery
nor known to normality
I have withstood much pain as an experiment
And yet I have chosen my own path
So as I live and let live

I am the ground beneath my feet
The world is my body
and unrivaled power is my blood
I have created over a thousand stars
unknown to ends
nor known to destruction
I have withstood the limitless sins of my father
And yet i shall atone for all of them
I have absolutely no regrets
This is my destined path

I am the regret of my actions
Uncontrollable is my body
And hatred is my blood
I have ended incalculable innocent lives
Unknown to sanity
Nor known to blissful unawareness
I have suffered excruciating pain to resist
And yet these hands have executed trillions
This is the path forced upon me
Truly this body is made of


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
well lets see, what should i put here, My name is Daniel, I am student at the university of massachusets dartmout and i am studying mechanical engineering.

I enjoy strategic games and challenges as well as puzzles, (with the notable exception of the Rubik's cube, which i have never once managed to solve.) and on the off chance that i am bored out of my mind i usually take up some form of art or MMD project to take up my time. On the artistic note it should be said that at no point to i plan on making a career out of this habit .....

Oh i guess i should also put some dislikes here...... first thing that comes to mind is my laptop's lack of a proper graphics card.

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